If You’re A 90s Kid, This WAS Your Weekend

The year is 1993, it’s Saturday morning, and you’re ready to party all weekend long.

First up: park yourself in front of the TV for a round of cartoons. And what better program to start with than “Animaniacs.” Do you have the “Nations of the World” song memorized? Well, Rob Paulsen—aka the voice of Yakko Warner—sure does. After you’ve got your fix of cartoons, it’s time to let your inner Picasso loose on some Perler beads. Artist Kyle McCoy gives us a little history on everyone’s favorite after-school craft.

Last up, end the weekend with a bang with an epic game of laser tag. We talk to the creator of laser tag, George Carter (the man, the myth, the legend), on how Star Wars inspired the game. Come along and get nostalgic with us.